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    Expanding an AF VSAN cluster by adding SSD's

    pieterjanheyse Enthusiast

      We have an alls flash VSAN cluster consisting of 7 hosts and would like to expand the storage capacity.


      Current config per server is:


      - 1 x 800GB Intel P3600 NVMe drive

      - 2 x 1.2TB Intel S3610 2,5" SSD


      Since the S3610 is not for sale anymore, the suggestion is to add one or two (NVMe/SSD ratio still seems ok then) D3-S4610 drives, also from Intel. Those drives are available in 960TB or 1.9TB and that raised the question. Can I add either type to my hosts and what is the capacity impact?


      If I add the 960GB disks, will vsan still work and balance all the data over all the SSD's?

      If I add the 1.9TB variant, will the capacity grow by 1.2TB per disk (because I already have 1.2TB SSD's) or will it use the complete 1.9TB?