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    VMDK size - the real question

    daveclaussen Enthusiast

      vSphere v6.0 Update3

      16 node VMware cluster

      HPE BL360c Gen9 blades

      Compellent SAN (connecting to each blade via hardware HBA)

      20x 4TB LUNs/datastores

      Everything connects with multiple 10GB lines, SAN direct connects with 10GB lines


      Here is my question; how big is too big for a VMDK? I know that v6 can go up to 62TB and that is great, but is it a good idea?


      I have one VM with the following configuration:

      Windows 2012R2

      All of these drives/VMDKs are on a single 10TB LUN dedicated to this VM

      C:150GB    single VMDK

      D:60GB      single VMDK

      E:900GB    single VMDK

      F:2300GB  single VMDK

      G:10GB     single VMDK

      H:1500GB  single VMDK


      I am told by the customer that the F: and H: drives will grow by ~4TB a year for the foreseeable future (the office is going paperless).


      So, back to the question; while these VMDK sizes are "allowed", even if they get larger, at what point does it make sense to convert this VM back to a physical, SAN connected, server?


      Performance, snapshots, backups, restores - all of these things grow considerably in time to complete as these VMDKs get larger.


      Any help or past experiences is much appreciated.


      - Dave Claussen