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    Licenses vCenter 6.5 and ESXi 6.7 - Compatibility

    jlovera Novice

      Hi all,


      I would like to resolve the following concern regarding the issue of licenses and compatibility.


      At the moment two physical equipments were already bought with ESXi installed 6.7 (I have to confirm the Build), additional we acquired a license vcenter server standard 6.5. (For a vcenter instance).


      Reviewing the vmware compatibility matrix, I saw that a vcenter 6.5 is not compatible with ESXi 6.7. This means that I can not manage esxi 6.7 host with vcenter 6.5. This is correct?


      But if you notice that you can manage host 6.5 with a vcenter 6.7.


      My other question:


      Can I deploy a vcsa 6.7 and use the license serial number 6.5 that was purchased? to then add my host esxi 6.7 to the vcenter. I understand that in vmware the same license is valid provided it is the same version, example vcenter 5.1 to vcenter 5.5.


      Or should I acquire a license specifically for vcenter server 6.7? At this point I would perform the deployment of vcsa 6.7 and place a new license in 60 days.


      It is a clean vcsa installation that is going to be performed, not an update.


      attentive to your comments.

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