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    vSAN Clustering Multicast problems

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      Hello vSAN Architects!

      While learning vSAN by reading the vSAN essential book by depping   Duncan Epping page 47, as much as I understand that if we see " Multicast assessment based on other checks" failed

      that means we have problems with vSAN clutser because of something related to the Multicast from physical Networks



      Option 1: Disable internet group management protocol (IGMP) snooping for the vSAN traffic VLAN. Now this will allow all multicast traffic through; but if the only traffic is vSAN, this should be a negligible amount of traffic and should be safe to use.

      Option 2: Configure IGMP snooping querier. If there is other multicast traffic and you are concerned that disabling IGMP snooping might open the network up to a flood of multicast traffic, this is a preferred option.


      I can read the words only, but yet I can't understand these words technically would you mind explaining it to me in other words.