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    Unable to change dpi with dpi synchronization enabled

    Jan099 Lurker

      We are using vmware thin clients, horizon client 4.10.0, agent 7.7.0. Some of our users that can't see well and want a higher dpi. The only way we have found to accomplish this is to disable dpi synchronization and set their dpi on login through a windows gpo.

      However, disabling dpi synchronization is problematic because some other users work both on thin client and remotely. When dpi synchroniztaion is disabled their client dpi setting is ignored and their remote dpi is always 100% regardless of client settings.

      Display scaling does not fix this, as it only decreases resolution instead of increasing dpi. We have not found a way to match remote dpi to client dpi without dpi synchronization.


      Is there any way to either:

      *change remote dpi at all when dpi synchronization is enabled, or

      *set remote dpi equal to client dpi when dpi synchronization is disabled.


      Thanks in advance