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    Issues rebooting while provisioning app stack

    jahegyi Novice

      Running AppVolumes 2.16 and I'm running into a wwird issue. When I begin provisioning my stack I can install applications fine, end provisioning and deploy my app stack to a VM without issue.


      However, if I begin provisioning and at any point during the provisioning process I reboot the provisioning box, log in and then end the provisioning... this is where things get flaky. I can deploy my app stack to a VM, see that there is a disk attached (CVApp) with the appropriate meta data, but the applications never get dropped onto the OS. Likewise, if I take that app stack and try to update it on the provisioning box after I revert my snapshot, the same thing occurs on the provisioning box.


      Anyone else every ran in to anything like this? I have a ticket open with BCS and have provided agent and server side logs but it's been like pulling teeth to get them to fully understand the issue and research it appropriately.


      Horizon: 7.8

      AppVolumes: 2.16

      UEM: 9.7