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    ESXi Upgrade to 6.7 U1 causing VMs to restart

    oneilv Novice

      Hey guys,


      We have recently upgraded ESXi on all our servers in the cluster from ESXi 6.5 to ESXi 6.7 Update1 (EP7 build) and since then we are seeing issues on multiple VMs (linux vms) that are randomly getting restarted. These reboots were seen since the upgrade and also during vMotion of vms to other hosts during the upgrade. Even today, 4 days after the upgrade, some VMs are rebooting with the below error.


      The error we have seen in the events are

      vmware esx unrecoverable error (vcpu-2) vmk: unable to decompress BPN (I've attached a screenshot as well)


      Has anyone come across this?




      Onil Varghese