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    Cross vCenter Migration: SDDC#1=VMC on AWS to/from SDDC#2=VMC on AWS

    mikesUSD Lurker


      Looking for recommendations on how to connect 2 different vCenters w/in the SDDCs created in VMC on AWS.

      Wanted to use HCX with one SDDC being the "on-prem" but don't have access to the Mgmt Resources needed for the final config of HCX.ova

      (or maybe I'm missing something??)

      Thinking about using the Cross vCenter Fling for cross vCenter migration.  I'm guessing the WebGUI won't work as there won't be federation between the 2 vCenters/SDDCs...

      So, API/SDK might work??  Still testing....


      Looking for recommendations, tools, solutions.