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    VMTools will not install

    insearchof Hot Shot

      VMware vCenter 6.5

      9 ESXI hosts all but one is ESXI 6.5


      The one is ESXI 6.0  It was at 6.5 but the USB drive failed an upon installing on new usb drive I was unable to install 6.5 So I installed 6.0

      When I migrated 3 VM's from my ESXI 6.5 Host to the 6.0 ESXI host I get this warning on the VM


      VMWare Tools is outdated on the Virtual Machine    Update VMWare Tools


      When I click on the Update VMware tools I get an error


      So since the VM's came from an ESXI 6.5 host I tried to uninstall VMTools and then lost my mouse so I could not do any thing on the console.


      I tried manually to install the VMTools from the 6.0 host but everything I tried failed.


      I migrated the VM to a 6.5 Host and was able to install the VMtools from 6.5


      What can I do to et rid of this message


      Thank you