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    F5 Tagged VLAN on trunk not working on 6.7U2

    mzac23 Lurker

      I just upgraded my lab ESXi and Vsphere appliance to 6.7U2 and since the upgrade I'm having an issue with my F5 load balancers.


      I am using a standard Vswitch and have setup the port group to allow all vlans (4095) however the tagged traffic on the VM is not leaving the VM.


      Even when running a tcpdump on the F5 on that interface, I don't see any traffic.  I am not even able to see my standby F5 that is on the same port group, no l2 or l3 traffic will pass.


      I have some other VMs on the same vlan (220) however the port group they are on is just for VLAN 220 and they all work fine.  They can talk to each other but they cannot talk to the F5 which is on the same vswitch.


      I also tried to create a new trunked port group with the same settings and moved the F5 to this port group with no luck.


      Has anyone else run into this issue?  Any other troubleshooting steps I can take?