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    VcPlugin.getAllDatastores failed

    oscaralvarez Novice

      When trying to fetch all datastores information



      the following line is causing an execption :

      var datastores = VcPlugin.getAllDatastores(null, xpath);


      and xpath having a right value of "xpath:name='CCU_OS_SAN_MDIP05"


      I got the below error and It was working some days ago!!


      Unexpected status code: 503 (Workflow:TMP / Internal variable assignation (item0)#34)'


      and i tried the same code on different vRO environemnt and i get the below error :


      Error in (Workflow:TMP / Internal variable assignation (item0)#34) java.lang.RuntimeException: (vim.fault.InvalidLogin) {

         faultCause = null,

         faultMessage = null


      [2019-04-22 08:22:11.257] [E] Workflow execution stack:


      item: 'TMP/item0', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'java.lang.RuntimeException: (vim.fault.InvalidLogin) {

         faultCause = null,

         faultMessage = null

      } (



      which login it's refering??


      any clue?