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    Player 15 Odd Problem With Win7 Aero

    PnwGuy Enthusiast

      I'm running the latest 15.04 Player on Linux Mint 19.1 on an Intel PC with a current generation nVidia GTX-1050 video board. A fresh install of Win7 Enterprise into a VM (12GB RAM 4 cores 10.3.5 Tools) yields an odd problem. The Aero theme works perfectly for about 5 seconds and then Windows automatically switches to the "basic" theme with a pop up indicating "The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic" and it says it's due to insufficient video memory.


      I have 1GB of video memory allocated in Player with 3D enabled. Windows reports 1024MB of "Shared System Memory" but only 128MB of "Dedicated Video Memory" and zero "System Video Memory" for a total of 1152MB of video memory. Even 256MB is enough to easily run Aero at 1920 x 1080. I'm wondering if the problem is it seeing only 128MB of "dedicated video memory?"


      It doesn't matter what you do with the Windows performance settings. Trying to force Aero to stay enabled still fails after a few seconds. The Aero troubleshooter just restarts the Desktop Manager service which brings Aero back for a few seconds which pleases the troubleshooter but Windows just auto-reverts back to the Basic theme after the troubleshooter completes.


      Does anyone have any ideas? It did the same thing with VMWare tools 10.3.2. The Linux host is running the latest nVidia closed-source video driver.


      My best guess is the VMWare SVGA 3D is not correctly seeing the allocated video memory which causes Windows to revert to the Basic theme?