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        AlessandroG72 Novice

        Hello BenFB


        unfortunately I followed all your instructions, but I still couldn't get a result. Even disabling all the gateways in the connection server, I always get a black screen both from the outside and from the inside through the VMware Client.

        I checked the ports on the firewall and always everything ok.

        There is no log that can put me on the right way ?


        Thanks Alessandro

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          sjesse Master

          Have you tried setting up a UAG in the same network to make sure the configuration is correct, you abosuletly cannot have the secure gateway options checked on the connection servers when your using a UAG.

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            AlessandroG72 Novice

            Hello, thank you for your help.


            i wnat to summarize my situazion:


            1) I have 80 users who connect to their Vm
            2) At the moment the 80 users have a zero-client in the office
            3) The possibility arose that some of these users must connect from home.
            4) so I will have a mixed situation


            At the moment, all zero client PCs connect to the server via SRV-HORIZON.CONTOSO.LOCAL  (connection server)

            On the connection server I have all the gateways activated.

            Zero client, vm, and server connection are on the same network

            I tried disabling the gatewaws on the connection server but after the zero clients didn't connect.

            First question, when I disable gateways from zero-client computers, where do these computers have to connect to the UAG server or to a connection server?

            Fyi my UAG is into DMZ

            Thanks Alessandro

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              BenFB Expert

              First I want to make sure it's understood what the gateway does for your endpoints (in this case your zero clients).

              • With the gateway enabled, your endpoints only communicate with the connection server(s). The connection server(s) then initiate communication with the horizon agents. This is often used when security policies require restricted communication to the virtual desktops.
              • With the gateway disabled, your endpoints still start with the connection server(s) for the horizon primary protocol (authentication and pool selection) but then communicate directly with the horizon agent for the secondary protocol (PCoIP, Blast, RDP).


              When you disable the gateways on the connection servers what error are you receiving on the endpoints? We need to get that working first before introducing the UAG. Alternatively you can leave these connection servers as is and deploy new connection servers just for use with the UAG.


              Can you provide the following (obfuscate as needed)?

              Number of connection servers and version:

              Any load-balancers in use:

              Horizon agent version:

              Subnets that your endpoints, connection servers, VDI (horizon agents) and UAG are on.

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                AlessandroG72 Novice

                Hi BenFB


                Number of connection servers and version:      1 server (SRV-HORIZON.contoso.local) +  1 replica server  (SRV-RHORIZON.contoso.local)

                Any load-balancers in use:   NO

                Horizon agent version:   4.8

                Subnets that your endpoints, connection servers, VDI (horizon agents)  :  all same subet vlan 1



                I followed your advice, I turned off UAG and disabled all the gateways both on the connection server and on the replication server

                In this situation with the PCoIP protocol both zero client clients, both with the client installed on a windowns 10 machine, and through the web, I can connect without any problem.


                this happens both on the client zero PC and on the client view

                When I try with the BLAST protocol, I can't connect, because  after login, blue screen with error and then the machine restarts ,  this happens both on the client zero PC and on the client view


                I'm trying to understand why the BLAST protocol doesn't work, what advice can you give me?


                Thanks Alessandro

                • 20. Re: Horizon Blast Gateway
                  BenFB Expert

                  If the virtual desktops are BSOD this sounds like an image issue. Do you have any anti-virus or other applications that might be blocking functionality?


                  I would build a fresh parent image from an ISO, only install VMware Tools/Horizon agent and run Windows updates. Then see if you can reproduce the issue.

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                    AlessandroG72 Novice

                    Hello BenFB


                    i try to unistall antivirus ESET , and all it's OK .

                    I wrote to Eset and they said me :


                    "This is a known issue with VMWare drivers which was also confirmed by Microsoft. We recommend contacting VMWare re. the issue. If necessary, we can provide more details about the issue to their programmers."


                    i open ticket to VMware and i hope that they will resolved this problem.



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