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    Question on Ephemeral port with NSX Validated Design

    jedijeff Hot Shot

      Hi. I thought I would ask in the NSX forum even though it is not NSX related, but is an issue from the NSX validated design.


      We have our Management network on a VDS Ephemeral port, per the Validate design. So we have our vCenter’s and PSC’s on this port group.


      I notice if I power off one of the appliances, and power it back on it will not get network until I disconnect the VM vNic and reconnect it.


      Is this a bug somewhere? I want to move just the management portion back to Standard switches, but we want to adhere to the Validated Design.


      This caught me off-guard when I powered off a PSC to snapshot it before an upgrade, and it didn’t come back on the network and of course vCenter was not accessible, so I had to login to ESXi host and disconnect. I was about to repoint vCenter to another PSC, but tried this first.


      Just curious why this behavior with Ephemeral port. Thanks,,,