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    no claim disk for vsan witness

    jepoytengco Novice

      Hi, here's my setup, we have a Dell FX2 server with 3 SLEDS and 1 storage. Storage was set to Split Dual Hosts


      SLED1 - has RAID controller and disk 0-7

      SLED2 - has RAID controller and disk 8-16

      SLED3 - has no RAID controller but has 2x 200GB internal SSD drives


      So I set the 3 SLEDS by installing ESXI 6.7 Update 1. I installed ESXi VCSA on SLED 3's disk 1, I deployed vsan witness appliance on SLED 3's disk 2. Procedures I've done:


      1. create a datacenter

      2. create a cluster

      3. add host 1 and host 2 (SLED 1 and SLED 2) on the cluster, enabled HA and vsan . After successfully adding the first 2 hosts, I went ahead and proceed with the 3rd step is to configure vsan cluster. BTW, I used the Quickstart wizard in configuring from adding the host in configuring vsan.

      4. Host 3 or SLED 3 is not part of the cluster


      The first part of the Cluster configuration is about Distributed Switches and I set both vmnic0 and vminic1 to both DSwitch, didn't modify anything under storage traffic, under Advanced options > vsan options I set to Two Host vSAN cluster. under Claim disk, I set the HDD for the storage and flash disk for the cache tier, next is letting me select the witness host which I did, the next part is where I'm kinda lost, it's looking to Claim Disks for witness host and I have nothing on the list.


      Not sure where I missed or what part of the configuration I missed???