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    Server 2016 guest not detecting drive as thin provisoned

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      I apologize if this question was asked earlier in advance.


      We have a newly configured VxRail all flash appliance running ESXi 6.7 build 13004448.  I have deployed a new server 2016 guest from a template with hardware version v14 and latest vmware tools installed.  The VM as well as the template have the default vsan storage policy applied with object space reservation set to 0 - Thin.


      When I look in the windows guest under optimize drives, I see all the drives registering as Hard Disk Drive and not Thin Provisioned.  I have this same configuration running on other non-vxrail storage minus the storage policy and the guest detects disk as thin provisioned without issue.


      Is there a setting I'm missing or a gotcha with running this configuration on vsan?  I followed the article VMware Knowledge Base  regarding OVA/OVF deployment in the web console but it didn't find any policies configured for thick and I am not deploying from OVF / OVA.


      Thanks for the help!