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    NSX-T manager error_code 101?

    niceguy001 Novice

      i deployed a nsx-t 2.4 manager on KVM with "medium" type, it worked just fine until i installed second manager(on another KVM host) and join it to the first one.

      they all display the following messages on the web browser after i type in the admin account and password to login, as shown below:


      i could not figure out why this error happen and it just can't be fixed after i restart services such as "ui-service" in the manager or even reboot the manager.


      does anyone know why? the "manager.log" and "syslog" in the manager appliance did not show messages which is truly helpful.

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          abhishekkunal5125 Lurker

          Are you able to reach from Manager1 to Manager 2 ?


          Can you check the logs on Primary Manager

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            niceguy001 Novice

            hi abhishekkunal5125,

            the first manager is able to ping the second one and the second manager can also ping to the first one.


            in the primary manager, I used the command "get log-file" to retrieve messages,

            the messages in syslog is shown below:


            the messages in manager.log is shown below:


            the messages in manager.log is shown below:

            napi.root.cluster.cbm_response WARNING Connection to cbm refused or timed out: 111

            and the messages in auth.log is shown below, approximately:


            i guess these information only help a little bit on troubleshooting this error-code-101 issue ?

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              shazbot1 Lurker

              I had this issue when one of my techs deployed multiple managers at the same time without waiting for them to come up and join the cluster one at a time.  Not sure if this would work for you but we ended up powering them all down, then powering them up in sequence with plenty of time in between.  After about 60 minutes they appeared to sync up and the error code went away.  Granted this is on older, slower hardware.

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                niceguy001 Novice

                shazbot1 thanks for the suggestioin!

                however, shut down and boot again didn't work for my manager so I chose to gave up on this issue and pretend it as an unknown bug.