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    VMWare Workstation Pro 14 - Won't Start my win10 VM now.  HELP PLEASE

    VMisAhatefulThing Lurker

      I am having a severe problem with VMWare Workstation Pro 14.

      I got notifications last week that there were updates.  I did the updates.

      Though I am not sure that my issues are related to the updates, but it seems that my current

      win10 VM that I have been using for quite a while has now degraded to an unusable state.


      It will either not boot up (stays in the initial screen loading windows where the little animated circle is) or

      it boots up and then essentially becomes unresponsive after a very short while...


      I am not an expert on VMware but would love some advice on troubleshooting to see what is happening.

      I really need the data on it.