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    Tagging through vRO

    paurgie Novice

      Does anyone out there use vRO to assign tags to VMs, or anything really?  What methods are you using successfully?


      Here's my issue - We use a provisioning workflow to create our VMs.  At the end of that workflow are a couple of tag assignments, using tags/categories I've created to define a VM owner, among other things.  Since there aren't, or weren't, any tagging workflows out of the box, I use a powershell script on a powershell plugin windows VM.  This has been failing for the last 6 months or so, for unknown reasons.  My script fails in odd ways mid-script, but it works fine when run manually so it's a real bear to debug.  The script is really pretty simple, I think it's 10 lines or less, and the logic is sound, due to being able to run it with the same command line that vRO runs.  I think it could be CredSSP that's failing on me but I'd really like to get away from the chain of tools it takes to get this one little piece working properly.