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    Getting vIDM to autologin to vROPs 7.0

    paulc1 Novice

      Can anyone tell me how to get vIDM to auto login to vROPS 7.0? I have vIDM setup as the authentication source in vROPS. The redirect URL in vROPS and vIDM are set to the FQDN.


      Hopefully you can see the image, that's what I get when I click the shortcut in vIDM. It's setup as a basic web link. If I try to choose SAML SSO in vROPS I get a certificate error adding the vIDM server, so I choose Identity Manager as the source type. It just needs that final nudge to actually go through with the SSO. Clicking the button to "redirect" works fine, but I don't want to have to have that final step. I know this is possible because I've deployed vROPS from Suite Lifecycle Manager in the past and it did all this as part of the install. I'm using this copy of vROPS for Horizon so I didn't use vRSLCM this time. Any tips are appreciated.