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    Dynamic Types questions

    xian_ Enthusiast

      I started to experiment with Dynamic types and I got some questions.


      1. I noticed that an object is not displayed under the namespace (root) folder unless it has a descendant (ie. it is a folder). Is this a limitation?


      2. I turned on logging on the workflows generated by Define Type workflow and found the following relationNames (as input):

        a. namespace-children

        b. toplevel-Namespace.Type

        c. type1-type2 (user defined relation)


      I guessed namespace-children type is for listing root directory entries under the namespace, and type1-type2 type for any custom defined relationship. I could not find any reference / example about the toplevel-Namespace.Type relation. What/when is it used /for?


      3. Updating the icon resource on a type does not seem to be reflected on the UI, old icons being used. Is this some caching bug?

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          iiliev Champion
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          1) yes, this is a limitation of the current implementation


          2) toplevel-X are relation names for relations between namespace and root types (root type is a type that appears as a parent type in a relation and doesn't appear as a child type in another relation)


          3) I recall there was a bug related to dynamic types' updates not being reflected in the UI, which is supposedly fixed in the latest plug-in builds. Which versions of vRO and DT plug-in do you use?

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            xian_ Enthusiast

            1. OK

            2. OK thanks for clarifiction. Wrt. relations I made a mistake by making an object related to itself (by a buggy Find Relation flow), so the UI showed it as a child of itself. Obviously I did not (and could not) define a relation on a type to itself but I could still see this as a parent-child relationship in the Inventory. Does that mean I do not necessarily need to define a relation in order to relate objects?

            3. This is embedded vRO in vRA appliance 7.5.
            Version is 7.5.0 (Build number: 10044239). Plugin version is

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              You'll need DT plug-in build# 10168028 or 12839242 (this one is bundled with recently released vRO 7.6).


              If you don't have access to this build, I can upload here in the community forum.