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    Advise on hosting CyberPatriot Images in the cloud

    jrobitai Lurker

      Hello - I am a mentor to our local school / county's AFA JROTC Cyber Patriot program. (AFA CyberPatriot Website)


      This program involves use of Windows/Ubuntu VM images in which cadets try to find & fix security vulnerabilities.


      On of the biggest challenges is the availability of these images in which the cadets can practice. (GUI)


      We can create these images but I would like to make them available in the cloud so anyone of our students can login and work on the image, and when they are done the image reverts back.


      From what little I know it sounds like a 'metal' server is best but from here I'm a bit clueless.


      I don't mind doing the self-educating but frankly could use some directions.


      Thank you in advance!

      - JR -