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    Upgrade Options

    cowhowUTA Novice

      As part of a larger project I am upgrading our deployment of Log Insight V4.3.  My question is since there is no direct upgrade path from 4.3 to 4.7 what is the best upgrade path to follow that still preserves historical data? 


      1.  Leap frog upgrade from 4.3 -->4.5 -->4.6 -->4.7

      2.  New deployment and decomm existing.


      A new deployment is obviously quicker but will I loose all the historical data from my existing deployment?  I don't see the upgrade taking that long even considering the upgrade path so I'd rather do that and preserve any existing data. 


      Thanks for the advice,


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          GayathriS Expert



          Yes you are correct is saying that Log insight 4.3 cannot be directly upgraded to 4.7

          You have to upgrade 4.3 -->4.5 -->4.6 and then finally to 4.7



          I have not heard anything of that sort that we can take data from existing LI and use it on New LI .

          Its better to upgrade .


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            Yogadevi Enthusiast

            Hi Tony,


            If you have archiving configured in your existing deployment you can import the archived logs in the new deployment.

            This works good if you think you will lose the logs that were collected in the existing deployment.