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    Scripts to migrate to a new vcenter

    jitla1971 Enthusiast

      Hello All


      We have a situation, where a client wants to migrate from a Windows 6.0 vCenter to VCSA 6.7.

      In this instance, they do not want to use the native migration method, which works well.

      Instead, they want a new vCenter created and we have to manually replicate the following into the new vCenter.

      So looking for scripts which will recreate the following on the new vCenter.




      DRS Rules

      HA Settings






      We will manually remove each host from the old vCenter and add it to the new vCenter, into the respective cluster.

      But will need a script to move VM's into the original folders.


      I have searched the net, but have been unable to locate any new scripts, therefore I am wondering if anyone has any such scripts, which could help in this scenario.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.