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    Default SMTP settings

    LarryThomas Lurker

      Author : mbanov

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Orchestrator/7.0/com.vmware.vrealize.orchestrator-use-plugins.doc/GUIDAF60409B-3E97-4512-8A6C-C2DF3F0B5F95.html

      Topic Name : Define the Default SMTP Connection

      Publication Name : Using VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-Ins

      Product/Version : vRealize Orchestrator/7.0

      Question :

      The default SMTP server needs to be updated for all workflows (I didn't not perform the initial configuration of Orchestrator). I followed the steps in the vRealize Orchestrator 7.0 docs (Library -->Mail-->Configure Mail) however emails are still being sent to our old SMTP server. Is there another method to make this change?

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          xian_ Enthusiast

          Do you set smtpHost in your workflows? If you don't, EmailMessage.sendMessage() should send via the default SMTP server configured by Configure mail flow.


          If you do set it in your workflows, you need to update those values as well (or remove if you want to use the default server).