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    can't delete content library

    mcvosi Enthusiast

      Get following when trying to delete a content library that's no longer being used.


      A general system error occurred:

      Cannot delete content from library d85475ca-a19c-42ad-968c-4bfe6b09024a, reason: (vim.fault.CannotDeleteFile) {

         faultCause = null,

         faultMessage = null,

         file = [LUN1] /contentlib-d85475ca-a19c-42ad-968c-4bfe6b09024a


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          RAJ_RAJ Expert

          HI ,


          Kindly stop the content library service and start and try to delete .


          service-control --stop vmware-vdcs


          service-control --start vmware-vdcs

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            enowai Lurker

            Pretty late to this thread, but I had the same issue. I found the solution on http://subnet192.com/?p=794.


            Additionally, the content library service is named "vmware-content-library" in 6.7U1, in case a restart of the service works for you.

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              bsnvmw Novice

              I had the same problem, i tried all the above. in another vcenter, restarting the content library service from the vami worked. in the other vcenter, i disconnected the cdrom that was accessing the content library other file in .iso and managed to delete the library.