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    SRM plugin for vRO

    vsnoraa Lurker

      Hi guys


      I've a test environment where the following is installed:


      • vCSA 6.7 U1
      • SRM 8.1.1
      • vRA 7.5 (with embedded vRO)
      • vSphere replication


      What I would like to achieve is to be able to place VMs created by vRA into protection groups


      I'm currently stuck at setting up my vRO instance to my SRM.
      I've setup the plugin (.vmoapp) via vRO Control Center and the new workflows under SRM is available in the vRO Client

      The first thing to do is to Configure Local Sites via Workflows > Library > SRM > Configuration
      I've keyed in the necessary information and there isn't any error shown, logs show nothing as well. However, when I try to configure remote site, I can't see the local site that I've setup earlier.


      I went to Inventory > SRM and that's it, my local site is not shown at all.


      What seems to be the issue here?

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          iiliev Champion
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          I vaguely remember I've seen somewhere that SRM plug-in requires vRO to be configured with vCenter Single Sign-On authentication.


          Not sure if it is indeed a requirement and I don't have a suitable environment to test it, but if it is true, it could explain why you are having issues with the plug-in, as the vRO embedded in vRA is configured with vRA/vIDM authentication.


          It might be worth the efforts to setup a standalone vRO, configure its authentication to be vCenter Single Sign-On, and verify if the plug-in works there.

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            vsnoraa Lurker

            Thank you for your reply


            Tested out with standalone vRO where in the config I've set the auth method to be vSphere and I can login with my SSO credentials.


            Still the same issue where I didn't get anything under my SRM inventory even though the workflow runs successfully.