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    VCSA not powering on on Nested ESXi

    mhzmhz Novice

      I am setting up a home lab with VMware workstation 12.0 with ESXi 6.7 installed with Hardware compatibility ( 6.0 and  mode 5.5 and above ) . ESXi starting OK , with its 16 GB of RAM. VCSA deployed successfully. It stuck at powering on at 57% . Not any good log explaining why. I tried deploying a windows VM , same behaviour. So , I know it is related to my CPU virtualizaion related. Even though I have checked vhv.enable = "TRUE" is there in vmx file. Virtualize Intel VT-x or AMD is selected on CPU virtualization engine box. Selected the VM ( VCSA ) property to "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS" checked.

      VCSA not powering on on Nested ESXi;

      Fully dried out! Need help