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    VCLoud Plugin Issues with Orchestrator

    JoJoGabor Expert

      I am having an issue when connecting VRO to VCD Using Vcloud Direcotr plugin 9.1, When adding a connection to VCloud Director, the workflow hangs and actually locks up VRO, the only way I can recover is to delete the vCLoud plugin and reboot the host. Looking at the VRO server.log it gets a return ffrom VCD for all the supported API versions, but then just stops there. The next step should be to get an authentication token. This has happened on VRO versions 7.4 and 7.5, and has worked in most of my VRO environments at one time, but the usual result is this failure.


      The VRO appliances are authanticated against vSphere PSCs (behind a load balancer), and this behaviour has been seen in both standalone and clusters instances of VRO.


      Anyone seen anything similar?

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          sk84 Expert

          What connection properties did you enter for the vCD Endpoint configuration workflow? Can you please share screenshots about the configurations?

          And did you import the certificate from vCD in advance?

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            JoJoGabor Expert

            Hi Sebastien,


            I imported the cert from our VCD Load Balanced VIP first then I used the following settings when adding the VCD Connection:

            URL: BaseURL Taken from Vcloud Director


            Enabled: Yes

            Max COnnections: 600

            Connection timeout: 20000ms

            Cache Timeout : Blank

            API Version: 30.0 (This is VCloud Director 9.10)

            Session Mode: Shared Session

            Use SAML Auth: No

            Organization: System

            Username: either local to vcd or domain account, both with System Administrator role

            Password: blah


            I have today rebuilt the cluster and got it working, the only difference is the "Host Name" of the nodes in the cluster I left as the IP Address. Ive always felt it was this setting that was breaking this plugin, but I cant explain why

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              JoJoGabor Expert

              The issue has been found by VMware. Log4j syslogging was blocking the Java threads!!! Turn it off and the VCD integration works fine