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    Horizon Bundle License question

    SebastianK8 Novice

      Hi Community


      I have a question about the horizon bundle license.

      The license includes the hypervisor for desktop, vCenter standard and the Horizon View components.

      What is allowed with this license model? Can I only deploy the VDI desktops on the cluster licensed with the bundle, or can I deploy and manage other VMs needed for VDI too (e.g. Connection Server, Composer, SQL, Exchange, DC, File/Terminal Server)?

      It would be very helpful if you have a valid link / document with the license law

      Thanks in advance.



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          RyanHardy Novice

          Hello Sebastian,


          with Horizon licenses you are allowed to host all the additional infrastructure needed for VDI, eg. Connection Server, Composer, UAG, vCenter (if it is managing VDI hosts only). Domain controllers may be a thing to argue about I guess (then again, who uses DCs only for VDI users?), but Exchange and file servers should clearly be on the not-allowed list.

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            SebastianK8 Novice

            Hi Ryan,


            Thanks for your fast response. As you said, it "should" be and I would agree with that. We plan to use the DC's only for the VDI environment (completely new infrastructure), if we are saving the user profiles on DFS shares (two file server), then the file server are needed for VDI and should be allowed?


            Best regards


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              RyanHardy Novice

              I can only guess based on the information I have, but my advise would be to not mistake the infrastructure that's needed for making the Windows OS usable (DC, profiles, GPOs etc.) with the infrastructure that is really needed for VMware Horizon to work.

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                BenFB Expert

                I would recommend contacting your VMware team and get something in writing on what's allowed if you must do it this way.


                To keep things simple and due to the nature of the workloads we run seperate vCenter for desktops and servers. Even the supporting Horizon infrastructure is run in the server environment.

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                  RyanHardy Novice


                  We're doing the same here. If you have got multiple systems dependent on vCenter (as it is the case with Horizon) you'd be running into complicated update procedures as often the supported vCenter builds may not be the same for these systems.