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    VMware is not running properly on my new laptop

    Nathan0987 Novice

      Hi, I got a brand-new Acer Swift 3 and VMware is not running properly. Installing an OS that is not Windows 9x wont work, and installing Windows 9x is bad enough. Installing Windows is slow and booting up is slow. (took 2 hours to get to the XP pre-installation screen) (booting up takes 15 minutes.


      Intel Core i5 8th Gen

      8GB DDR4 RAM

      1TB SSD

      Windows 10 Pro x64


      Please help!




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          wila Guru
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          Hi Nathan,


          Make sure virtualisation is enabled in the BIOS.

          Also if you have AVAST or AVG antivirus then the following might be relevant.


          Are you running AVG, Avast or BitDefender 2017 antivirus at the host OS?

          If AVG or Avast then see:

          XP VM suddenly slow, Win 7 fine

          for a solution on using both antivirus products along with VMware


          In Avast Settings, troubleshooting you should uncheck the "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" feature.

          In AVG Settings, troubleshooting, uncheck "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" feature.

          Note that you will have to reboot to apply the change.

          If you are running BitDefender 2017 at the host then the only solution that I am aware about is to uninstall and revert to an older version of BitDefender.




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