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    Setting up current virtual machine (Ubuntu) as dual boot

    ProtonX Lurker

      I have been working with an Ubuntu VM in my Windows 10 for a while. As I am starting to like it, I would like to have it as a dual boot option.

      Is there a way I can Install my Ubuntu including all settings and files as a dual boot system besides my Windows 10?

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          Texiwill Guru
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          Hello David,


          There is, but not using VMware's products.  There are many discussions on setting up Dual-Boot systems on Google, generally any of them would work. Personally I do not dual boot but you can run VMware workstation on login so that it looks like you are running Ubuntu after a windows login. I have completely installed my systems with Linux, or virtualized. If you want to dual-boot, I strongly suggest following the existing approaches. Those approaches are bit out of scope for this forum.


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