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    Doubt - Backing up VMs

    Linck1659 Lurker

      Hello everyone!


      I am looking for backup solutions for my company.

      Right now i'm using a small Synology NAS with 4TB - that we already have - to test the Active Backup for Business from them.

      The problem is: I can only create tasks and backup VMs that are not running, and we have many VMs running that we cannot turn off.


      Does anyone know if it's possible to backup VM while they are running? Sorry for the "newbie" question, i am new at this, i am looking for this solution as it's a must to have backups and we have none and they don't want to expend money with solutions like Nakivo, Veeam, etc...


      Right now we have the vSphere 6.0 Enterprise PLUS Edition.

      4 Hosts

      4 Storages

      200+ VMs* - Around 70 Active VMs


      Obs: I've noted that i can only backup using Active Backup for Business if the Datastore which this VM use has no other VM running that use this same Datastore too.

      So i get this error:



      Thank you very much for your attention,

      Hugo Alves