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    Outlook indexing UEM or App Vol Writables

    dgrinnell Novice

      Hey all,


      I am currently using a Writable UIA Only and a UEM GPO to redirect the users OST's to their Writables and it works great, but now the challenge is indexing since this is currently not persistent.


      From what i can see there are two options here, either UEM w/ Scripts or App Vols Writable' UIA+Profile and create new template and attach to users.


      The only issue is i am trying to get away from Writables UIA+Profiles and use UEM for everything Profile relates and just profile any apps and build UEM GPO's or policies for configs. It's been working pretty well, that being said i have seen there is a Article for App Vols Writables + Profiles below, but i haven't tests this yet and dont want this to interfere w/ the current Writable that manages the OST and don't want to introduce any issues w/ another writable+ profile so if i can avoid this that would be ideal.


      App Volume Route:

      VMware Knowledge Base

      Can Windows Search/Indexing (needed for Outlook) work with App Volumes?

      Microsoft Outlook Search Indexing With VMware App Volumes - YouTube


      The second option which i am trying to figure out is have UEM manage a persistent experience of Outlook Search / Indexing and i have found a few options below, but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.


      UEM Route:

      Writable disk to redirect Windows search (Index of Outlook only)



      Thanks all hope we can find a nice solution for this.