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    Unknown Endpoint state version

    ScottBrezina23 Lurker

      Our local Skyline appliance is running version and has 4 vCenters pointed to it.  Three of the four endpoints are all green, but one is showing unknown endpoint states for everything listed under the vCenter.  Restarting the endpoint fails.  Restarting the collector doesn't help either.  Are there any services that can be restarted on the vCenter appliance, without affecting vCenter connectivity, to fix the issue or do I need to reboot vCenter?


      Also, how do I delete an endpoint, from Cloud Services Skyline, if it's already been deleted from the local Skyline Collector?

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          ashwin_prakash Expert
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          Welcome to communities,


          Thank you for sharing all the information,


          1. We would like to view the logs on Skyline collector, or request you to share the errors reported for the vCenter labeled as Unknown.
          2. Are there any hosts or any objects on the vCenter server having any issues / Maintenance mode / disconnected?
          3. In-order to restart services on vCenter server, you could run the command "service-control --stop --all and then service-control --start --all"
          4. Once deleted from the Skyline Admin page, it would at-least take 48 hours to refresh the data on the database and provide you updated information on Skyline Advisor.


          Do share the information requested on the form along with the vCenter server name.


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            ScottBrezina23 Lurker

            Thanks for the reply Ashwin!!!


            1.     Log is attached.

            2.     There are no other hosts/vCenters having the issue.

            3.     I know how to restart all of the vCenter services, but was more wondering if there are any in particular that might resolve my issue, instead of all of them.

            4.     The old vCenter was removed, well over 2 days ago.


            The vCenter name in question is cvvmvctr.  I've also attached 2 screen shots from the local Skyline appliance.  The first is the vCenter in question and the 2nd is the error that occurs when trying to restart the endpoint.




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              ashwin_prakash Expert
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              Hello Scott,


              Thank you for sharing all the required details,


              As per the errors reported on the logs that has been shared for Skyline we see that there is a certificate miss-match for this vCenter server, below mentioned are few of the errors:


              2019-03-26 20:34:54,222 ERROR [pool-4-thread-15] VcEventCollectionTask [ExternalCollectionTask.java:86] [task=VC_EVENTS-cvvxxxxx.xxx.local] The certificate validation failed, won't collect data.

              2019-03-26 20:34:54,222 INFO [pool-4-thread-15] c.v.s.c.s.SkylineSentry [SubstituteLogger.java:169] [task=VC_EVENTS-cvvxxxxx.xxx.local] Sentry is not enabled, exception ignored.

              2019-03-26 20:34:54,222 ERROR [pool-4-thread-15] VcEventCollectionTask [ExternalCollectionTask.java:138] [task=VC_EVENTS-cvvxxxxx.xxx.local] The certificate of the endpoint is invalid, can't continue with collection.

              2019-03-26 20:34:54,222 WARN [pool-4-thread-15] VcEventCollectionTask [ExternalCollectionTask.java:71] [task=VC_EVENTS-cvvxxxxx.xxx.local] Endpoint thumbprint doesn't match the expected: 3E:16:28:DE:E6:AF:FE:39:F2:81:C8:D0:05:FE:39:25:D5:3C:05:3A. Actual: 34:CC:EE:69:20:5E:49:AE:66:FE:94:20:8C:58:A9:0C:85:FC:B7:DB


              Caused by: com.vmware.vim.vmomi.core.exception.CertificateValidationException: SSL handshake from to cvvxxxxx.xxx.local/xx.xx.xx.xxx:443 failed in 2 ms

              ... 12 common frames omitted

              at com.vmware.vim.vmomi.client.http.impl.ClientExceptionTranslator.translate(ClientExceptionTranslator.java:69)

              Caused by: com.vmware.vim.vmomi.core.exception.CertificateValidationException: Server certificate chain is not trusted and thumbprint doesn't match


              Request you to readd the vCenter server (delete the endpoint from Skyline and add vCenter) which would refresh the certificate.

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                ScottBrezina23 Lurker

                Thanks Ashwin!!!  Removing it from Skyline and re-adding it, fixed the issue.  I did get a warning about the certs, when adding it back in, but I clicked Continue and all was green.  It has since updated itself in VMware Cloud Services and also removed the old vCenter that I had previously deleted.  Everything is now up to date and synced

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                  ashwin_prakash Expert
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                  Thank you for the update Scott!!! Its great to know that everything is working now