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    share a given datastore between many Linux VMs using mount points - which FS to use?

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      VMWare 6.7 solution here, Using Dell scv2020


      Im looking towards making a vmdk, or a datastore avaliable to more than one VM (actually ,20) ,

      in order to create a central repository to files between these VMs


      Looking throughtly, i did found that its possible to share the same vmdk, as per below

      but i will need probably to enable multi writer capability


      I do ask if Ubuntu 18.04 GFS2 works out of the box  in this case, or, do i need to look further

      for Red Hat or SuSE

      I did also found out that OCFS2 could be a good call here.


      Is there any other recommended FS in thise case?


      VMware Knowledge Base



      Enabling or disabling simultaneous write protection provided by VMFS using the multi-writer flag (1034165)



      Are VMware VMDK disk images a supported shared storage method in Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Cluster?





      GFS2 recommendation


      Support Policies for RHEL High Availability Clusters - VMware Virtual Machines as Cluster Members




      Great SuSe reference


      Optional – The OCFS2 file system includes a

      distributed lock manager and will safely allow multiple

      cluster nodes to concurrently block mount shared

      storage (Max 32 nodes are supported by SUSE, Max

      8 nodes RW limitation per VMware)