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    vsan stuck initializing ssd

    dominikwal Lurker

      Hi my vsan which I don't use and assume I removed incorrectly is stuck at boot I would love to get in and remove it all together but its been sitting here for 8+ hours I don't think its gonna work is there a way I can skip this process at boot to get in and remove it. I really don't want to redo the node. Please Help.


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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
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          Hello dominikwal,



          Welcome to Communities.


          If you are 100% positive you don't need the data on the drives configured/attached to this node then you can start ESXi with vSAN modules disabled then remove the partitions on the device. Press Shift+O at boot before modules are loaded (the screen that shows 'Shift+R' option) put a single space after the bootUUID and then type 'jumpstart.disable=vsan,lsom,plog,virsto,cmmds' - No quotes just putting here for clarity, then hit Enter and it will boot without any awareness of vSAN, then to load with vSAN modules just reboot it normally.


          To anyone else that reads this in future and is considering doing this - removing any partitions/data is obviously completely at your own risk so do ensure you know what you are doing and/or do not  need the data potentially being removed.




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            dominikwal Lurker

            That worked great, I can certainly google around for this but I started to create a vsan on one node and decided I didn't need this but I can't seem to remove it using the web interface and idea how I can force delete it?


            Now that I can't see it anymore

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              Hello dominikwal



              Glad to hear that resolved your initial issue.


              "Now that I can't see it anymore"

              Do you mean vSAN is not configured on the vSphere cluster Object but is still configured on the node?

              If so then it should just be a case of using #esxcli vsan cluster leave  :