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    Vsphere purple screens

    Rob80 Novice

      Hi All,


      I wonder if anyone come accross issues as per below photos.




      And another one.




      All seems start appearing with latest ESXi 6.7 patch, even on fresh installation it works for a few days and then freezes with purple screen. However when I try to access datastore to retrieve dump files to investigate I cant access anything at all and only way forward is to reinstall everything.



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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          What hardware is ESXi running on here? And is this a lab/non-business environment?

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            serveradministrator Novice

            what is the hardware :- Its Dell or HP server.

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              Rob80 Novice

              I am running ESXi 6.7 in testing environment for now until purple screens will be resolved.


              In terms of hardware:

              • New S2600CWTR board is running on Intel chassis
              • ESXi installed on USB stick via usb 3.0
              • 2 x E5 2620 v4 processors installed
              • Nvme (new intel DC p4600) ssd is installed on  Intel PCie combo kit FUP8X25S3NVDK


              In terms of drivers:

              • ESXi-6.7.0-20190104001-standard - build
              • nvme running on latest vmware drivers (intel-nvme-vmd version )
              • Server board BIOS - latest firmware.
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                Rob80 Novice

                In addition when ESXi freeze server running without any issues as when I look into BMC there are no issues or error messages with the hardware.

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                  daphnissov Guru
                  vExpertCommunity Warriors

                  One of the PSODs referenced is due to an NVMe error, so is that drive updated with the most recent firmware supported by the HCL?

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                    Rob80 Novice

                    Yes, it has latest drivers from HCL and latest firmware on Intel nvme itself (QDV101D1 latest firmware version).


                    Basically ESXi deployed on usb and vcenter (latest update) on nvme.


                    Below I added dump file:



                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.272Z cpu4:2097832)World: 3015: PRDA 0x418041000000 ss 0x0 ds 0x10b es 0x10b fs 0x10b gs 0x0

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.272Z cpu4:2097832)World: 3017: TR 0xfd8 GDT 0x451a255a1000 (0xfe7) IDT 0x418034762000 (0xfff)

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.272Z cpu4:2097832)World: 3018: CR0 0x80010031 CR3 0x10b89da000 CR4 0x142768

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.318Z cpu4:2097832)Backtrace for current CPU #4, worldID=2097832, fp=0x459a5906f880

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.340Z cpu4:2097832) [45m [33;1mVMware ESXi 6.7.0 [Releasebuild-11675023 x86_64] [0m

                    #PF Exception 14 in world 2097832:intel-nvme-c IP 0x0 addr 0x0


                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.341Z cpu4:2097832)cr0=0x8001003d cr2=0x0 cr3=0x60c000 cr4=0x10216c

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.341Z cpu4:2097832)frame=0x451a0ed1bb90 ip=0x0 err=16 rflags=0x10246

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.341Z cpu4:2097832)rax=0x0 rbx=0x459a5906f580 rcx=0x451a0ed1bc9c

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.342Z cpu4:2097832)rdx=0xe00fe00050000 rbp=0x459a5906f880 rsi=0x2

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.342Z cpu4:2097832)rdi=0x459a5906f580 r8=0x0 r9=0x400a9

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.342Z cpu4:2097832)r10=0x0 r11=0x43084bce0158 r12=0x43084bcdfdd0

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.342Z cpu4:2097832)r13=0x43084bcdfdd0 r14=0xea26abcbe r15=0x459a5906f880



                    Coredump to disk.

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.397Z cpu4:2097832)Slot 1 of 1 on device naa.2000acde48234567:9.

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.397Z cpu4:2097832)Dump: 474: Using dump slot size 2684354560.

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.400Z cpu4:2097832)Dump: 2845: Using dump buffer size 98304

                    INtel nvme_____________________xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx__00000001" failed H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense

                    2019-03-23T04:30:04.698Z cpu3:2097832)data: 0x5 0x0 0x0.

                    2019-03-23T04:30:12.461Z cpu4:2099698 opID=82017d84)World: 11943: VC opID 53b1b339 maps to vmkernel opID 82017d84

                    [7m2019-03-23T04:30:12.461Z cpu4:2099698 opID=82017d84)WARNING: NetDVS: 6586: Failed to sync data from client com.vmware.common.port.statistics [0m




                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.343Z cpu4:2097832)@BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world 2097832:intel-nvme-c IP 0x0 addr 0x0


                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.343Z cpu4:2097832)Code start: 0x418034600000 VMK uptime: 1:13:10:06.632

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)base fs=0x0 gs=0x418041000000 Kgs=0x0

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)vmkernel             0x0 .data 0x0 .bss 0x0

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)chardevs             0x418034d31000 .data 0x417fc0000000 .bss 0x417fc0000440

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)user                 0x418034d39000 .data 0x417fc0400000 .bss 0x417fc0410a40

                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)vmci_v2_shim    0x418036373000 .data 0x417fdee00000 .bss 0x417fdee00750
                    2019-03-24T06:47:46.347Z cpu4:2097832)nsxt-dvfilterUser0x418036374000 .data 0x417fdf200000 .bss 0x417fdf2000a0
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                      Rob80 Novice



                      I have attached log above.