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    Single VMDK for linux P2V converted physical machine.

    islammanjurul Novice

      I am having issue with a cloud based linux machine, which I want to bring on-premise.


      The instance is hosted at Oracle Cloud, based on Oracle Linux. The instance has a single disk named xvdb, which then partition in two part xvdb1 and xvdb2.


      I have successfully converted it, however a strange issue is here that the converted VM has two VMDKs, I have tried to dig deeper but found no option on vmware converter to retain a single VMDK.


      Kindly see the attached files - one is the shell screenshot of the actual cloud machine and another one is the option available on VMware Converter.


      Can anyone help me merge this two VMDKs together and will it work? or any option to make converter use a single VMDK layout instead of two or more?