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    VCenter appliance 6.7 backup hanging

    billdossett Enthusiast

      About a week or so ago, my VCSA appliance manager backups started failing... I had a few issues with the VCSA over the last week.. slow, hosts disconnecting ...  its a VSAN and I had never bothered to separate my management VM traffic and my VSAN storage traffic.  Finally got that done over the last two days and also had changed DNS servers on my network and hadn't updated the resolv.conf on the VCSA, so that wasn't helping either.  Well, got all  that fixed finally today and its running sweet, so thought backups would work now...  kicked one off earlier today and it got to 37% and sat there.  Left it... 2 hours later still at 37%.  So cancelled it, and kicked off another. Gets to 37% quite quickly and then hangs again.  Plenty of room on the ftp server.  Haven't seen anything in google about this.  Any ideas what might be wrong?