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    AppVol v2.16: New .ost cache file on every login, even when using UEM

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      Running App Volumes v2.16 and UEM v9.7.0

      At every login a new .OST file is created in the UIA_Only writable volume. We use UEM to store the .OST file on the writable volume using the default settings.


      UEM Log snippet:

      2019-03-20 10:30:48.474 [INFO ] Collected App Volumes settings to apply for Offline Outlook Data File (.ost) ('OST to Writable Volumes.xml')

      2019-03-20 10:30:48.479 [INFO ] Applied App Volumes settings


      This behaviour is mentioned in the v2.16 release notes:

      • When using Microsoft Outlook Cached Exchange Mode with a UIA-only type Writable Volume and no profile persistence solution such as UEM or roaming profiles, a new .ost cache file will be created in the user’s volume upon each login.

      But as we are using UEM we should not be affected by this known issue, or are we missing some key UEM configuration items?