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    CPU Ultilization

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      We have some web, database and application servers that process requests filled in on a website.

      A few times each year this is open for requests, we get a high ammount of users connecting to the website filling in these requests.

      We notice on all servers a big increase on CPU when a lot of people do this. CPU will go to 100% and this causes problems. On all these servers CPU is really high.



      How can we optimize our CPU commitments to these important machines?

      We have 3 hosts with 6 servers that need to perform optimally on CPU.

      The hosts have 2 sockets 12 cores and 48 logical processors.



      The servers currently have 1 virtual cpu and 4 cores.



      What would be a optimal setup for more performance, keeping cpu readytimes, overcomitting etc in mind.

      How many virtual cpu's and cores should we assign to one server.



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