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    Skyline No Longer Working

    LambyUK Novice

      Hi, we were on the early adopter scheme to trial the Skyline. I was previously getting regular reports delivered to me via email. I see from the announcement on the pinned topics this no longer happens and we need to check the Skyline Advisor section on the Support portal on my.vmware.com, however when I do this I just get redirect to the default VMware page. Has Skyline been turned off on our account? I notice if I login to the Skyline interface on my network I just get "Page is loading..." and it never gets any further.


      Thanks, John.

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          ashwin_prakash Expert
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          Thank you for sharing all the details,

          We would require the name of the company in-order to check the details on the server.

          I would drop you a message using the personal messenger for Communities where you could share all the details.

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            ashwin_prakash Expert
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            We would like to confirm if everything is working fine with Skyline. About the Skyline OSR Report, we have now stopped the email which were being triggered from Skyline as we have Skyline Advisor which has a web interface with new features.


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              tlyczko Master

              I have the same problem.

              Seems you took Skyline away or something.

              Can't even log into Skyline Advisor, it says my credentials got lost from the database.

              Our Skyline server has been running for bupkis.

              Thank you for nothing.

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                ashwin_prakash Expert
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                tlyczko As per information you are receiving error "There was an issue with validating your login credentials against our backend database"

                These error messages are observed in multiple scenarios.


                1. Trying to login to the Skyline Advisor when rights to the organization is yet to be updated as the Skyline Advisor takes about 48 hours to be activated.
                2. Trying to login to the Skyline Advisor when there is only Skyline Collector service rights under CSP User Privileges.
                3. Trying to login to the Skyline Advisor when there are multiple organizations and Skyline Services are not on the customer's default organization.
                  1. Option to change the organization:
                  2. When you login to Advisor, could you please check the Organization to which the user is logging in by default.

                  3. You should be able to find the details using the below screen shot. Once logged in click on the drop down at the top right corner of the screen you would see the Organization name to which the user is logging-in.

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                  tlyczko Master

                  Please understand that I can NOT log into Advisor.

                  I set up Skyline and the appliance last summer, many more than 48 hours have elapsed.

                  I have only one default company involved, only one collector appliance, I don't have 90 million things involved.

                  Please fix my credentials so I can log in??


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                    ashwin_prakash Expert
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                    tlyczko Could you please help us with the Collector ID and the Email Address which you are using to login to Skyline Advisor.

                    Also request you to share the contact details, So that we could contact you over the phone.


                    Kindly fill the below form with the details requested.

                    VMware Skyline Community - Smartsheet.com


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                      tlyczko Master

                      This is completed and submitted. I don't have a cloud services login, I've always logged in with myvmware, if you need a cloud services login please email it to me.

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                        ashwin_prakash Expert
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                        tlyczko Thank you for sharing all the required details,


                        As discussed we were able to access Skyline Advisor using the MyVMware login, and We would be able to get an update on Friday as we have Migrated to CSP.


                        I have provided a summary of the key points below for your records.


                        Please use the link below and check if you are able to login.



                        As per the screen shots current Skyline version is, could you please confirm if the collector was upgraded from 1.3 and when was the Skyline collector upgrade.


                        As the existing collector is not yet migrate we would request you to migrate the Skyline Collector to Cloud Service Platform


                        Steps to migrate to CSP:


                        Navigate to the Get Started page

                        Open a web browser and enter the URL for the VMware Skyline Getting Started page. https://skyline.vmware.com/get-started. You will be re-directed to the VMware Cloud Services log in page.


                        Log into VMware Cloud Services

                        1. Enter your My VMware email address
                        2. Enter your My VMware password
                        • Enter an Organization Address
                        1. Click Add Address.
                        2. Select a Country.
                        3. Enter your street address on Address Line 1. Use Address Line 2 if additional space is needed.
                        4. Enter your City.
                        5. Enter your State/Province.
                        6. Enter your Zip/Postal Code.
                        7. Select the box I agree to the VMware Cloud Services Terms of Service.
                        • Click Continue.
                        • Click on the Skyline Collector tile on the Cloud

                        Console and continue with the VMware Skyline get-started wizard

                        Click on Associate Support Entitlement, then click Proceed to Next Step.

                        Skip step 3 as you already have installed and configured Skyline

                        Skip to Step 5 – Migrate existing Collectors

                        You should be able to see the existing Collector “ac9a1dc9-13e8-313e-b50c-4174fd254681” listed

                        Click on Migrate.