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    Cannot type on a IBM System i terminal emulator while using vmware remotely connecting to my win 7 office desktop.

    joemolnar Lurker

      several of the users have complained that when using VMware to log in from home they cannot use the keyboard while using an IBM System i (AS400) 5250 terminal emulator.

      The users are using VMware 4.10. They can connect to the network and the keyboard does work there, but when they start an IBM terminal emulator, they lose the keyboard in that window. This would be very similar to the user's question who was having trouble using PUtty and losing the keyboard.


      One of our users downloaded VMware 4.3, and reports he has the functionality of his keyboard restored.


      I, myself, cannot reproduce this problem from home, I am strictly a Linux users at home. On my 2 home computers with Ubuntu 16.4 LTS, using VMware 4.10, I do not have those issues with the keyboard while running IBM terminal emulation.


      Help would be appreciated. Is there a configuration item in 4.10? Is there a work-around? I don't want to tell my uses that they must all downgrade.