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    Registered Collector not reporting

    sstins Novice

      I have a registered collector that shows up on the Advisor site. However, the Collector does not seem to be sending up data. How can I dergeister and reset the Collector so I can go through the registration process again?


      Here is my Collector ID.




      Scott Tinsley

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          VishShah Hot Shot
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          Hello Scott,


          Welcome to Communities,


          Did you check and verified the state of VC_CHANGES; VC_EVENTS; VC_HOSTS from the Collector Admin Page; I would request you to reboot the Collector Appliance and wait for the status to get updated in next 24-48 hours.

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            sstins Novice

            I have tried restarting individual services as well as rebooting the Collector. No luck. No data is being uploaded and service will not run.


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              VishShah Hot Shot
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              Hello Scott,


              I have found that your ESXi & vCenter is already running on the latest version vCenter Appliance 6.7 U1b BN : 11727113 & ESXi 6.7 U1 BN : 10302608 and we do have added too many rules created for vSphere 6.7 version, from our end  it looks great we do not observe any issues with Data Collection and same information you may refer on Advisor under Account Details as "Last Analysis & Next Analysis".


              From the shared screenshot, the collector is working fine except VC_HOSTS endpoint is not working, please identify if you have any ESXi Host which is lying on vCenter Server Inventory as 'Not Responding' or 'Disconnected State' & VC_CHANGES status with grey triangle please check the error navigation to each section of endpoints.


              Please find the description for each endpoints.

              ▪ VC_CHANGES _ The VC_CHANGES endpoint type collects vCenter topology and configuration information.

              ▪ VC_EVENTS _ The VC_EVENTS endpoint type collects vCenter event information.

              ▪ VC_HOSTS _ The VC_HOSTS endpoint type collects ESXi event information (through vCenter Server)



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                VishShah Hot Shot
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                Hello Scott,


                I would like to determine if you have reviewed the existing findings and analysis on the Skyline Advisor.


                Let us know if you need additional information 'or' have any other questions that I can help with.

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                  ITEOS Novice

                  we got the same problem. Collector (appliance) shows everything ok, but advisor shows the collector as inactive.


                  I already restarted the collector and all endpoints but no change.


                  edit: waited two days and now it's working.