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      • 165. Re: High Sierra and Fusion "stuck" keys
        Bradall Enthusiast

        As this thread was for High Sierra and shows as resolved using the once off VMWare patch I created a new threadfor Mojave to record the issue. Although after so long its obvious that VMware can not fix the issue. I can confirm that a move to Parallels fixes the issue.


        The new thread is VMWare Fusion Stuck Keys i simply removed the reference to a particular release of Apple because it looks like it will persist for many years.

        • 166. Re: High Sierra and Fusion "stuck" keys
          mikeopolo Novice

          Using the below mix, I've experienced this problem for several weeks, increasingly often.


          Two days ago I ran the "Reinstall VMWare tools" option, and chose "Repair", and both the onboard and external keyboards have been rock solid ever since (as they have always been in OSX apps themselves). I may have missed it, but I haven't seen this recommended as a solution elsewhere. Hoping for continued stability.


          MacBook Pro 2016 15"

          OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

          VMWare Fusion 10.1.5 (10950653)

          Hosting Windows 10 Pro

          • 167. Re: High Sierra and Fusion "stuck" keys
            MarnixDecokere Lurker



            I just bough Fusion 11 on my mac mid 2012 Macbook pro running Mojave.

            This problems still exists.  It happens on all w7 and w10 vm's I have.

            Will this ever be fixed?  I can see this listed on the internet since 2011!


            What is up vmware?

            I also use Parallels and I have no such problems.

            Parallels also runs faster.

            I test our software on windows platforms, inlcuding in vm's.

            If our customer has a mac we like to be able to propose 2 platforms.

            Right now, it looks like we only have 1, Parallels but sometimes customers do not want this because they already use vmware on servers etc..


            So vmware, what is the fix and why does it take 8 years to fix this?

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