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    SRM Error - PING Failed

    vAndrew Enthusiast

      Getting the above error all of a sudden when trying to configure SRM.

      Username and password works fine though as can authenticate to the storage manager IP. When logging into SRM I can see the array pairs and all resources. SRAs status is showing as OK (green tick). Place holder datastores are also configured. So the only "error" I can see is the below, and also on the array as shown in the screen shot


      SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed. Error Connecting to Dell Storage Manager [IP: X.X.X.X] [Message: HostNotAvailable - Exception Setting up Connection: HostNotAvailable - Error running Ping to Data Collector [URL: https://X.X.X.X:3033/api/CompellentAPIServices]] Verify IP Address, Port, Username, and Password are correct for a running Dell Storage Manager



      Any ideas? Is this really an issue?