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    Reverse CAPS LOCK issue

    ckboon Enthusiast



      Has anyone encountered reverse CAPS LOCK issue? Meaning CAPS LOCK is on but you type in small caps.

      I have turned off the AutoCorrect feature in MS Office 2003 but it is not helping. Some users, like data entry, are using CAPS most of the time and these are the users that will encounter this issue.



      ESX 3.0.1 with latest patches

      Sunray thin clienets, SRSS 3.1, & using Windows connector.

      WinXP Pro virtual desktops


      Thanks for the help.




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          davesherman Enthusiast

          I haven't seen the reverse caps lock issue, but we see the Windows key locking issue all of the time.  Basically it is a rdp problem, especially with 6.0.  To alleviate the the problem try having the users bring up the on screen keyboard and cycling the offending key (caps lock in your case).  Microsoft is supposedly aware of this issue (some timng problem in rdp), and a fix is supposed to be released at the same time Vista SP1 is released (updated rdp client).

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            sgrinker Expert

            I have actually noticed similar in the past, but never really spent much time looking into it.  I've never had anyone report it as a problem, but I have noticed it myself during testing.  I think I've seen it while just doing a standard RDP connection to a server as well though.  Not that my post exactly helps at all, but at least you know you aren't alone. 

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              ckboon Enthusiast



              Thanks for the answers. At least I now know I am not alone.

              If it's RDP's fault, then Sunray's windows connector/uttsc-bin can inherit the bug.

              Hopefully Sun can find that bug.




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                snakedoctor69 Lurker

                YEA I just started using a web version of this product to log into our remote server remotely ... all of a sudden when I open a Linux terminal window I can only type ONE capital letter at a time if I hold down the shift key. If I turn on the caps lock it works fine...


                We just switched from a citrix product to this...


                I am thinking we made a grave error.


                Hope someone from VMWare monitors these boards. I am a software engineer and my time is very valuable. I can't be monkeying around with this VMware product trying to bug fix it.


                Someone fix this.

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                  pbastiaans Enthusiast

                  We've seen it.


                  We went from the stock Lenovo KB to Logitech Mk200.


                  Hope it helps, we struggled for months.

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                    snakedoctor69 Lurker

                    The workaround appears to be setting the caps lock, in order to get the reverse of what you expect. For now that seems to work. smh

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                      snakedoctor69 Lurker

                      Only see this phenomena in the WEB version don't see it in the client version.