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    NSX -> NSX workflows / How to assign a security group

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      I have a deployed an isolated environment. Security Groups and Security Manager have been configured in the Service Composer.

      I wish to apply a new Security Group to a the VM after an end deployment. NSX has been configured as an endpoint and I can browse the endpoint in vRA.

      I believe this can be done with the vRO workflow NSX -> NSX workflows -> Add VMs to security group.

      The workflow takes the endpoint, the security group id and the Virtual machine managed object reference as input.


      What is the "Virtual machine managed object reference" - I have tried the different IDs from the VM in vCAC, but it does not seem to be right.


      Where should I find the "Virtual machine managed object reference" value?


      I have you have worked with it, can you recommend any good / simple articles / examples on isolation, nat and nsx in regards to vRA/vRO?



      Regards Kjeld