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    Errors after reboot during update to an AppStack on Win10

    MrCheesecake Enthusiast

      I've been looking at this issue for a while and haven't been able to come up with a good solution.  Before reaching out to Support, I wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences.


      My environment is Win10 1803, AppVol 2.14.2.  I log into the provisioning machine with a local admin account that does not have any AppStacks assigned.


      If I create a new AppStack and point to my provisioning machine to begin installing apps, everything works fine.  I'm able to install apps, reboot as many times as I need to, etc.  Provisioning completes without any issues and my AppStack is ready for use.  Now it's time to update the appstack... Maybe I forgot something or have a new version of a tool.  By now, I've reverted my provisioning machine back to the clean snapshot, choose to update my newly-created AppStack, and point to my provisioning machine.


      I'm able to continue provisioning normally but if I reboot, the provisioning box ends up freaking out.  Upon my next logon, I'm stuck at a "Preparing Windows" screen for several minutes and eventually end up getting a flashing and unusable desktop environment.  After the fact, I've gone into the event logs and found entries for explorer.exe crashing with "Unknown hard error" along with some user profile errors indicating "Windows cannot load classes registry file".  At this point, I have to cancel provisioning and start over.


      I've tried a couple of the things I've seen in this forum to include setting the NoDefaultDriveLetter attribute in diskpart but without success.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.